Reasons Why Solar Panels Degrade

Solar panels are not magical materials. Like electronics and machines, solar panels can’t perform at full capacity throughout their lifespan. 
After a number of years, it will degrade and lose a percentage of its capacity. There are various reasons for solar panel degradation, including manufacturing, installation, maintenance, weather conditions, etc.

Non-Metal Frames for Solar Panels are Taking Over

Let’s explore the benefits of the commonly-used solar frame material aluminum and the organic non-metallics as the new solar frame material that’s taking over the solar energy industry today.
The Most Common Materials 
Solar panel frames are commonly made of aluminum alloy profiles because they’re lightweight yet sturdy, durable, and corrosion-resistant. They’re easy to transport and install and don’t …

Metal Roof Repair – Fixing Leaks

No matter how costly they are, metal roofs are bound to leak. But it’s not uncommon. 
Business owners and homeowners alike have been plagued by and overcame this problem by fixing it by themselves. Naturally, you can have the contractors who installed the roof fix the leak, but what do you do when encountering the issue long after you’ve had the roof?
The good thing is that it can be done, whether you have water leaking through metal shingles that are layered over old asphalt, standing seams with leaky …