Extruded Aluminum Roof Rack

Long Metal Solar Roofing has 20 years of experience designing, producing, and delivering top-quality extruded aluminum files, including durable extruded aluminum roof racks.

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Solar Panel Mounting Brackets

Long Metal Solar Roofing joins the renewable energy industry in its mission to have a greener and cleaner planet.

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Aluminum Solar Panel Frame

Long Metal Solar Roofing joins the movement for a greener, cleaner earth by designing, producing, and delivering aluminum solar panel frames, which are an essential component of PV solar modules in both design and function.

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setting up solar panels

DIY Adjustable Solar Panel Mount

Have you considered a DIY adjustable solar panel mount? In an age where renewable energy is taking center stage in sustainable living, solar panels have emerged as a remarkable way to harness the sun’s power and generate clean electricity. Before diving into adjustable mounts, understanding the basics of solar panel setup can provide a solid foundation. As more homeowners and enthusiasts embrace the potential of solar energy, the need for innovative solutions, like adjustable mounts, becomes increasingly important. Such mounts offer a customizable …

workers aligning solar panels on a roof

How Are Solar Panels Fixed To The Roof

With the increasing popularity of solar energy, many homeowners are considering installing solar panels on their roofs. Solar or photovoltaic (PV) panels harness sunlight to generate clean and renewable electricity. One crucial aspect of solar panel installation is understanding how to fix them to the roof securely. This article will explore the different mounting methods used to install solar panels.
Roof Attachments

Reasons Why Solar Panels Degrade

Solar panels are not magical materials. Like electronics and machines, solar panels can’t perform at full capacity throughout their lifespan. 
After a number of years, it will degrade and lose a percentage of its capacity. There are various reasons for solar panel degradation, including manufacturing, installation, maintenance, weather conditions, etc.

  • How much is a solar roof?

    The price of a solar roof varies according to its size, the difficulty of the installation, your residence, the type of materials used, etc. Aside from solar panels, we also provide roofing elements such as ventilation, drainage, and a gutter for the rain. Contact us for a free estimate.

  • How long does your roof last?

    We only use high-quality materials to manufacture our roofs, which last 50 years or more. The part of the roofs with integrated BIPV will have 20% less energy output after 25 years, but it will still work.

  • Are your roofs easy to install?

    We use aluminum alloy and organic non-metallics in manufacturing our products, which means they’re lightweight and easy to mount to the roof. Also, the installation can be completed without additional accessories.

  • Who will install my metal solar roof?

    We work with experienced and well-known roofing companies who can easily install your metal solar roof for you.

  • Do your metal solar roofs come in different colors?

    Currently, we only have black-colored products, but we are working on adding more color to our line.

  • Is it okay if my house is not facing south?

    Absolutely. Solar panels can harvest and convert solar energy into electricity regardless of the direction they face.

  • Can we just lay roof panels on top of an existing roof?

    No. Your current roof has to be removed and replaced by a new one. Existing roofs have their own systems and elements that can make new cable connections difficult to do.