Interesting Solar Myths and Facts

Even though more and more people are becoming aware of solar energy and its benefits to our economy and the planet, a few solar myths are still flying around. 

Let’s debunk them.

Solar panels don’t work when it’s cloudy.

Did you know that solar panels that work at night are being developed? That alone should tell you that solar panels work on a cloudy day, but only 15% to 25% of their capacity.

Solar panels are useless in extreme temperatures.

Residential solar systems work even when it’s extremely cold or hot outside. PV solar modules can withstand temperatures between -40 to 85 degrees Celsius. 

These temperatures only reduce the efficiency of solar panels, but they don’t stop them from harvesting as much sunlight and radiation as possible.

Clean solar energy drains your money.

Au contraire, solar energy can help you save thousands on electricity bills. Yes, installing panels is expensive. But they qualify for a federal tax credit, so you’ll get a discount. 

Plus, in the long run, you’ll become independent from the power grid (if you have a hybrid solar system), which can zero out your electricity bills.

Solar panels need a lot of maintenance.

Nothing can be farther from the truth. Solar panels only need to be cleaned to avoid dirt build-up and inspected by professionals once a year.

Solar panels contain toxic substances.

This is a myth! More than 90% of solar panels are made of silicon crystalline solar cells enclosed in polymer and covered with glass. They don’t use toxic materials other than the tiny amounts of lead soldered into them.

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