The Most Recommended Direction for Solar Panels

It’s essential to position and tilt the solar panels in a way that allows them to capture as much sunlight and radiation as possible. It’s an important step in ensuring they can generate as much solar energy as possible and convert it into usable electricity to power our homes.

What factors should you consider to know the best direction for your solar panels?


Your geographic location determines which direction your solar panels should face. The sun rises in the southern part of the sky if you’re in the Northern Hemisphere. So, your solar panels should face south if you live in Canada or the US.

But in the Southern Hemisphere, the sun rises from the northern part of the sky. So, if you’re in Australia, your solar panels should face north.

In other words, solar panels facing east or west are not in their optimum position. They still produce a significant amount of electricity, but you won’t be making the most of their capacity and efficiency (their ability to convert sunlight and radiation into usable electricity.


Aside from finding the correct position, you should also know at what angle your solar panels should tilt. And that also depends on your location.

If you live far north or south of the equator, the sun’s position in the sky is low. So, you’ll have to increase the angle of tilt of your solar panels so they are fully exposed to the sun.

But if you live close to the equator, the sun’s position in the sky is high. So, your solar panels should be facing straight up to soak up all that solar energy.

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