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Industry Dynamics

  • What is the process flow of cold bending equipment?

    What is the process flow of cold bending equipment?

    Cold-rolled equipment is a special equipment for the production of straight seam welded pipes and cold-formed steel in the metallurgical, construction, transportation, machinery, vehicle and other industries. It takes steel strips of certain specifications as raw materials and uses cold-formed an...
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  • Overview of equipment for shelf cold bending production line

    Overview of equipment for shelf cold bending production line

      The shelf cold bending production line integrates steel coil unwinding, leveling, punching, punching notch, embossing, cutting, roll forming, cutting hemming, CNC positioning hemming and other processes as a whole, highly automated production, convenient operation and improved production ...
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  • How to solve the distortion of cold roll forming equipment

    How to solve the distortion of cold roll forming equipment

    When the cold-bending forming equipment is working, the profiled steel to be processed is pushed between the two active rollers by the door bracket of the auxiliary system, and the hydraulic system is started to push the hydraulic cylinder to push the dovetail groove and cold-rolled cold-rolled ...
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  • Cable tray product introduction

    Cable tray product introduction

      Cable bridge: The weak current system of intelligent buildings usually consists of multiple information monitoring and communication facilities such as BA (building automation), OA (office automation), CA (communications automation) and other corresponding systems.The cable bridge is divi...
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  • Analysis of the causes of stubble obstacles in smart greenhouses?

    The first is that similar vegetables or similar vegetables prefer certain nutritional elements. If they are not supplemented in time, they are prone to nutritional deficiencies. Second, the accumulation of soil pathogens has led to the death of seedlings such as Fusarium wilt and Rhododendron wi...
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  • Design of rolls in roll reduction equipment and its supporting bridge straight mechanism

      The rolls in the roll forming equipment are an important part of it. The design and manufacturing characteristics are that each pass should be evenly stressed in order to be able to wear evenly, thereby extending the life of the rolls. Generally, the roll is made of C12MoV material, becau...
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  • Detailed knowledge of cold-formed steel

    Detailed knowledge of cold-formed steel

    Cold-formed steel refers to finished steel products with various cross-sectional shapes that are bent by using steel plates or strips in the cold state. Cold-formed steel is an economical light-weight thin-walled steel cross-section, also known as steel refrigerated curved or cold-formed steel. ...
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  • Top 10 trends in photovoltaic 2025

      In the next 5 to 10 years, major countries and regions in the world will gradually adopt renewable energy as the main power source for the power grid. Photovoltaics will become the main force in renewable energy. How to ensure the safety, reliability and economy of power generation assets ...
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  • Advantages and disadvantages of different greenhouses in greenhouse design

    1. Earth-wall solar greenhouse The earth-wall type solar greenhouse, as the name suggests, is that its back wall is rolled and piled with field soil. The general span is 10-15 meters, and the underground is dug about one meter deep. In the past, the scaffolding used 25-30mm steel pipe welded stru...
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  • Detailed introduction of different types of roof-mounted distributed photovoltaic power generation

    At present, installing distributed photovoltaic on the roof can insulate, generate income, and save electricity costs. It can also waterproof the roof and even make it into a sun room. But how is distributed rooftop photovoltaic generally installed? Will there be adverse effects on the roof after...
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  • In addition to photovoltaic roofs, there are 8 types of applications

    With the increasing application of green buildings, photovoltaic building applications have also attracted much attention. In addition to the combination of photovoltaic and building, there are the following forms in addition to roof applications. 01 Shade Shade system   Corresponding sunsh...
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  • Cold Bending Machine Safety Operating Procedures

    Application scope of Longlong cold bending machine Cold bending machine use scope: 1. Project scope: greenhouse construction, photovoltaic power station, warehouse shelves, etc. 2. Steel scope: U-shaped steel, angle steel, C-shaped steel, rail steel and some non-standard shaped steel. Outstanding...
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