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  • Fighting power will be an effective driving force for Longlong

    Beginning in January 2020, an infectious disease occurred in Wuhan, China, called “new coronavirus infection and fulminant pneumonia.” This epidemic has moved the hearts of people all over the world. Faced with this epidemic, the Chinese people throughout the country are actively figh...
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  • This is a test for China’s foreign trade, but it will not decline

      The sudden emergence of the new coronavirus is a test of China’s foreign trade, but this does not mean that China’s foreign trade will decline. In the short term, the negative impact of this epidemic on China’s foreign trade will soon emerge, but this effect is no longer ...
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  • What are the characteristics of metal rolling process

    What are the characteristics of metal rolling process

    Rolling is a pressure processing method in which a metal billet is passed through a gap (various shapes) of a pair of rotating rolls, and the material cross section is reduced by the compression of the rolls and the length is increased. Compression is the process of plastic deformation. By rolli...
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  • China-US trade agreement reached has little impact on China’s photovoltaic industry

    China-US trade agreement reached has little impact on China’s photovoltaic industry

    On the morning of January 15, local time, the signing ceremony of the first phase of the China-US economic and trade agreement was held in the East Hall of the White House. Liu He, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, vice premier of the State Council, and Chinese leader o...
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  • U.S. plans to become global energy storage leader by 2030

    The U.S. Department of Energy has announced a new plan to help develop and bring next-generation energy storage technologies to market. The goal of the “Energy Storage Challenge” is to ensure that the United States becomes a global energy storage leader by 2030 and forms a domestic ma...
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  • New energy is expected to become a new growth point for China-Egypt cooperation

    Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Egyptian Foreign Minister Shukli co-chaired China-Egypt diplomatic strategic dialogue in Cairo on the 8th and met with reporters. Wang Yi said that there is a tradition in Chinese diplomacy that foreign ministers must visit Africa for the f...
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  • Matching aluminum profile for glass greenhouse

    Matching aluminum profile for glass greenhouse

    At present, most of the greenhouses made in China are surrounded by glass, and there are two options for aluminum profiles of surrounding glass. The surrounding is hollow glass, which can be selected from the three-piece hollow and hollow rubber strip stand. When the surrounding is single-layer ...
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  • Analysis of Global PV Emerging Market Demand, Central and South America: El Salvador

    First, El Salvador basic data El Salvador is the country with the smallest land area in Central and South America, with a total land area of ​​only 21,040 square kilometers and a total population of approximately 6.42 million people. The GDP growth rate in 2018 was about 2.5%. In recent years, th...
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  • The global photovoltaic building glass market has a compound annual growth rate of 13.1%

    The global photovoltaic building glass market is experiencing a significant growth trend. Most companies focus on new product strategies, followed by product development and the energy efficiency of photovoltaic building glass technology. Due to rising demand for photovoltaic building glass in co...
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  • Mexico to sacrifice renewable energy to support Guodian

    Mexican President Lopez recently targeted the power market with the latest rectification directions, and plans to further strengthen and consolidate the market position of the Mexican National Electricity Company (CFE). Lopez issued a public speech on December 22, saying that Mexico’s polic...
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  • Common heating, cooling and insulation methods in greenhouses

    First, heating technology Common greenhouse heating methods include brewing heating, electric heating, plumbing heating, warm air heating, and solar energy storage system heating. In the current era of energy conservation and emission reduction, the more respected method is to use solar energy h...
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  • Photovoltaic policy continues in 2019

    On December 16, 2019, the National Energy Administration issued a “Letter on Soliciting Opinions on the Construction of 2020 Photovoltaic Power Generation Projects (Consultation Draft)” (referred to as “Notice”), which includes five major elements, which clearly define the...
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