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  • Three common material styles and differences in greenhouse greenhouse skeleton

    Three common material styles and differences in greenhouse greenhouse skeleton

    First, common skeleton types 1. Hot-dip galvanized skeleton material Hot-dip galvanized pipes are used to galvanize common steel pipes in order to improve the corrosion resistance of steel pipes. The galvanized tube reacts the molten metal with the iron substrate to produce an alloy layer, thereb...
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  • New crown pneumonia may cause 150GW wind and solar projects in Asia Pacific to be at risk

    New crown pneumonia may cause 150GW wind and solar projects in Asia Pacific to be at risk

    Recently, according to the latest analysis by Wood Mackenzie, if the economic recession caused by new coronary pneumonia continues beyond 2020, up to 150GW of wind and solar projects in the Asia-Pacific region may be delayed or cancelled. Wood Mackenzie predicts that, in the event of a strong rec...
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  • Switzerland allocates an additional US $ 47 million to encourage the development of the solar industry

    The government hopes to improve the depression of the photovoltaic market that may be caused by the pandemic of New Coronary Pneumonia (Covid-19). The increase in funding means that the solar system sector will be able to obtain subsidies worth 376 million Swiss francs. The Swiss Federal Energy O...
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  • The 9.47GW photovoltaic project in Colombia is under construction!

    Colombia is a strange country for most photovoltaic people! However, this previously unknown effect achieved 1.2GW of new photovoltaic projects connected to the grid in the first quarter of 2020, and 9.47GW of photovoltaic projects are under construction! According to the latest data from the Col...
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  • Analysis of blade and slitting situation of slitting machine

    The slitting machine must achieve a comprehensive and specific understanding, so as to ensure good use of the product, and also to make it play its due role and function, rather than wasting it. Therefore, based on the above learning requirements, the following will start immediately, so that you...
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  • Top 10 trends in photovoltaic 2025

      In the next 5 to 10 years, major countries and regions in the world will gradually adopt renewable energy as the main power source for the power grid. Photovoltaics will become the main force in renewable energy. How to ensure the safety, reliability and economy of power generation assets ...
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  • Detailed introduction of different types of roof-mounted distributed photovoltaic power generation

    At present, installing distributed photovoltaic on the roof can insulate, generate income, and save electricity costs. It can also waterproof the roof and even make it into a sun room. But how is distributed rooftop photovoltaic generally installed? Will there be adverse effects on the roof after...
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  • In addition to photovoltaic roofs, there are 8 types of applications

    With the increasing application of green buildings, photovoltaic building applications have also attracted much attention. In addition to the combination of photovoltaic and building, there are the following forms in addition to roof applications. 01 Shade Shade system   Corresponding sunsh...
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  • Cold Bending Machine Safety Operating Procedures

    Application scope of Longlong cold bending machine Cold bending machine use scope: 1. Project scope: greenhouse construction, photovoltaic power station, warehouse shelves, etc. 2. Steel scope: U-shaped steel, angle steel, C-shaped steel, rail steel and some non-standard shaped steel. Outstanding...
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  • We started! Ensure the safety of our products and employees

    As the new coronavirus rages in China, up to government departments, and then to ordinary people, our Tianjin Longlong Metal Products Factory is actively taking action in all walks of life to do epidemic prevention and control. Prevention and control work. Although our factory is not in the core ...
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  • Fighting power will be an effective driving force for Longlong

    Beginning in January 2020, an infectious disease occurred in Wuhan, China, called “new coronavirus infection and fulminant pneumonia.” This epidemic has moved the hearts of people all over the world. Faced with this epidemic, the Chinese people throughout the country are actively figh...
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  • This is a test for China’s foreign trade, but it will not decline

      The sudden emergence of the new coronavirus is a test of China’s foreign trade, but this does not mean that China’s foreign trade will decline. In the short term, the negative impact of this epidemic on China’s foreign trade will soon emerge, but this effect is no longer ...
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