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The matters needing attention in the decoration of modern villas

Modern villa decoration design is not only a reasonable planning of indoor space, but also a harmonious unity between man and the natural environment. So as to achieve a humanistic living environment where nature and man are one. The villa decoration design is different from the general interior decoration design, the overall villa decoration precautions, and what needs to be paid attention to in grasping the details of the space.

1. Reasonable hydropower planning

In the hydropower planning of the bathroom in the large residence space of the villa, try to set the separation of dry and wet areas, reasonable planning and layout of electrical appliances, and pay attention to setting electrical sockets in the main canal. Smart toilets can also be used to improve the quality of life.

2. Light source design

Pay attention to the layout and planning of the light source design in the decoration of the villa. Pay attention to the layout of lighting sources in the decoration of the villa. Every day, the indoor light sources will change with the changes of natural light sources and the environment. Residents can feel the simulation from summer to winter and spring to autumn by simply touching the switch or the remote control in their hands. Seasonal changes can even simulate different times of the day.

3. Empty attic

Villas generally have a high indoor height and a high space. There will be a two-story loft. Whether it is horizontal partition or vertical wall construction, the materials and load-bearing capacity of the added structure must be considered, and the thickness and height ratio of the partition wall must be considered.

4. The safety of material selection

The primary consideration for villa decoration is safety, especially for the elderly and children at home living with them. For the design of the bathroom and stairs, try to choose a sleek design in the decoration materials and design, and the protection of the ground. For glass, Use elite metal materials as little as possible.

5. Kitchen safety arrangement

Villas generally use open kitchens for the safety of children at home. Generally, handleless cabinet doors are used, and the principle of magnet adsorption is used to keep the appearance of the cabinet in a perfect linear design and prevent the handle from scratching the child.

6. Smart Home System

The villa is to improve our quality of life. It is recommended to select and install smart systems in villa decoration. Fresh air systems can be selected. Air quality is related to the air quality of a family. Water systems, installation of water purification systems at home, including front-end cleaning Water and soft water system to improve water quality. The anti-theft security system is not only an automatic alarm, or shooting monitoring, etc., if you are not at home, anyone entering the prevention and control zone will be displayed, and the 24-hour monitoring of the safe area will automatically alarm.

In short, villa decoration is not a simple accumulation of indoor space, it is the control of the harmony and unity of people in the space and the natural environment. In addition to the overall control, there are also various aspects of the decoration of the villa. The rationality of the space, Safety, comfort, etc.

Post time: Aug-10-2020

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