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Automatic light steel square tube double-telescopic roll forming machine

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HELight steel track and stud double-telescopic roll forming machine. One set of the equipment can produce various specifications of main track and auxiliary track . The length and hole distance can be set online. The width and height can be adjusted arbitrarily. The adjustment modes can be selected. Manual adjustment, semi-automatic or full-automatic servo adjustment. Automatic completion of punching, flanging, rolling and packing. The packer can automatically complete the process from small package to large package. The whole production line just need 1 worker, saving labor and high efficiency.

  • light steel track and stud double-telescopic roll forming machine: LL-TS22-70
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    Material Galvanized & cold rolld plate Forming step 12~22steps (Can be customized)
    Thickness 0.5~3.0mm (Can be customized) Forming speed 10~40M/Min (Can be customized)
    Roller material GCr12 Mov/GCr12/GCr15 annealing (Can be customized)
    Shaft diameter 55mm70mm80mm90mm (Can be customized)
    Structure Guide column, arch type, plate type  
    Transmission Worm gear box, gear, chain (can be customized)  
    uncoiilingleveling feedingroll forming servo cutting collection


    Production process flow chart  
    uncoiilingleveling feedingroll forming servo cutting collection

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