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Employee growth

A company that wants to develop in a healthy way must focus on the growth of its employees. As a leader of the company, we must build a platform for employees to grow up, adapt employees to the style of the company, and treat themselves and others with sincerity.

Focus on employees growth, we must first explore individual employees ways of thinking and mentality.

People rarely admit their shortcomings and deficiencies, and usually only confide in the trust of people. LONGLONG creates a strong atmosphere for employees, so that employees can discover their growth potential from mistakes, and they can maintain their self-confidence even if they mess up their tasks, and strive to use their disadvantages as a “growth opportunity” to improve their performance through continuous improvement. In order for employees to be able to do not entangle and avoid, and face the deep feelings of the heart, thus beyond their own limitations, longlong managers are willing to be friends with employees, into their inner world.

Of course, most employees feel overwhelmed by this frankness. At this time, the manager asked the employees a question: “Do you care more about your own achievements or the speed of your own growth?” They will hesitate, but they have made the most correct choice.

Encourage employees to admit shortcomings

LONGLONG will hold a conference called “face-to-face”. There are no managers, no employees, and only a group of like-minded friends. They talk about family, career, and even everyday fun. There, they can always laugh and tell their anecdote. LONGLONG will also create a “support group” for each employee to help them grow in their work and life.

Health is a constant topic

LONGLONG focuses on the health of its employees. A small plastic greenhouse with the healthiest vegetables. Employees do it themselves, from sowing, watering to harvesting, and they are happy.

In daily work, always keep in mind the oath of “Safety is happiness, safety is everything”, wear labor insurance products correctly, strictly abide by the company’s various safety rules and regulations and operating procedures, and constantly improve the ability and level of personal safety work, so as not to hurt Self, do not hurt others, do not be hurt by others, protect others from harm, and make safe work in a down-to-earth manner.

Help employees build their value

At the beginning of the 20th century, one of the largest Ford companies in the United States had a malfunction, and many experts were helpless. Finally, it was repaired by Steinmenz. After the motor was repaired, the relevant personnel asked him how much to pay, he said: “10,000 US dollars!” In the bill description listed by Stan Menz, Stan Mentz wrote: “Use chalk to draw a line of $1, know where it is. According to this example, as a member of our team, in order to build their own value, we must rely on the foundation and platform of the team to learn a skill, practice a craft, and A rationalization proposal, starting with an invention and creation, relying on the knowledge, experience, technology, and unique skills in personal work, through continuous creative efforts and labor, can work hard to achieve maximum value.

Employees leisure activities

Table tennis is a self-motivating, self-improving sport that includes offense, confrontation and defense. It enables the employees to keep moving inside the eyeball, enhance blood circulation, and improve the function of the eye nerves, thus eliminating or reducing eye fatigue and preventing and treating myopia. In table tennis, the brain is required to think quickly and nervously. This can promote the blood circulation of the brain, supply sufficient energy to the brain, and has a good brain function. Regardless of whether they are studying or working, employees are more or less depressed every day. Playing can make the brain’s excitement and inhibition process alternately and avoid nervous nervousne

Employees must maintain a good attitude in their growth

Some people have said that: the state of mind determines fate! The same is half a glass of water, why in some people’s eyes is: really good, there is half a glass of water in this cup; and in some people’s eyes is: finished, only half The glass of water, this is mainly the difference in mentality. For the employees of enterprises, the road to growth is not always smooth, and they will suffer many unpredictable setbacks and failures. Maybe you have worked hard for a while and still have no gains. Maybe your good heart is not understood… Don’t be discouraged, don’t give up easily. Believe that success is the 100th time after 99 setbacks. In the work, the enterprise workers should think from the worst, work hard at the best, and constantly sum up experience and lessons from failure. Then success may be only one step away from you.

Learning will never be outdated, paying attention to the growth of employees, is to pay attention to the future of the company, LONGLONG has been working hard.

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